Inspirations #1

1 Avr

Beautiful photography calms me down. And with all the crazy happening around me at the moment, being calm and feeling good is really something that I am looking for.

I haven’t been really active on here for quite a while now. For a few reasons. First, university is messing with my mind and making me all crazy. Second, I still love make-up and skin care, but I feel like whatever I might tell you about it wouldn’t make any difference because I don’t even really know what I’m talking about.
I would love to a blog as beautiful as Candice’s, but due a few shortcomings on my part (I don’t have a good camera, nor do I have any talent whatsoever for photography or photoshoping), I don’t see it happening any time soon.

So in the meantime, I am sharing with you some of the pictures that I love and find beautiful. I hope you enjoy them too.

You can click on the pictures to get to their source.



2 Réponses to “Inspirations #1”

  1. Candice 1 avril 2013 à 19:30 #

    OH MY GOD MARION YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE. Thank you for featuring my pictures !!!!! If you need help for your design I’ll help you (for FREE ofc) <3 I need you to blog more because I love your blog :).

    Take care for uni and I'm always around if you need me

    • Marion 1 avril 2013 à 19:41 #

      Well, I do like your pictures very much (for some reason I have been obsessed with the one from the park for years).

      You’re sweet to offer, but I don’t even know if I can change the design of the blog without paying (I don’t understand how WordPress works). I sure would love one of your designs, but my blog is pretty crappy, it wouldn’t match up to the amazing design ;)

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