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All New People

13 Mar

This article is going to be in English, for all of my English-speaking readers that don’t exist.

Last Thursday, I went to the theater to see All New People, a play written by Zach Braff that was previously played in New York (but in which Zach Braff didn’t play), and now it’s come to London’s West End, and I was fortunate enough to go and see it (with Zach Braff in it!).

It was really good! I laughed a lot, and I was moved a lot too. I wouldn’t say it was « textbook Zach Braff », but near enough. You know… The lonely depressed guy that meet not-so-great people along the way and discovers love and friendship again (Garden State are you there?)… Well no, it was actually a lot different from Garden State.

I don’t know if they (he) made changes from the original script… It’s obviously still set in New Jersey, but the actors were British (one kept her accent, the others had to switch to an American accent) and I wonder how it was in the original version.

Something that I never saw in a play, was that the action was cut by flashbacks shown on a screen (little sequences that were shot and shown as a movie during the play). It was really interesting.

I should have bought the script (they sold it in the theater), because some moments were extremely funny, but since I have the worst memory ever, I wouldn’t be able to tell you exactly what it was.

At the end of the play, I was fortunate enough to « meet » Zach Braff (he came outside to sign autographs and take pictures).

He was incredibly nice. Apparently, every night after the show, he comes out for 20 minutes to see his fans. I don’t want to seem pessimistic or something, but I don’t think a lot of celebrities would do the same.

Anyways, I really liked the play, and if you are in London at the moment, I would recommend that you go and see it. Go to the official website for more info.

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